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I wrote this article on my blog, but thought it could be great to share it on Tumblr with all of you. So here it is : a HUGE list of 100% healthy smoothies! I hope it will be useful ;) 

Almond Apple  Apricots Avocado  Bananas Blueberry  Celery  Cherry  Chocolate  Cinnamon  Citrus  Coconut  Cranberry  Fig  Ginger  Grapefruit  Kale  Kiwi  Mango  Melon  Mint  Nectarine  Oatmeal  Orange  Papaya  Peach  Peanut Butter Pear  Pineapple Pumpkin  Raspberry  Rhubarb  Spinach  Strawberry Sweet Potato  Tofu  Watermelon 

this is beautiful

Dear God!!!

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